More Concealed Carry Permits, Less Casino Crime: El Dorado County Sheriff Releases Annual Report

Courtesy El Dorado County Sheriff's Department

More El Dorado County residents were issued concealed weapon permits in 2013 than the previous year, and more than three times as many people renewed theirs.

Casino-related crime was down in 2013, but there were more uses of force by deputies.

Those are just some of the stats revealed in the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department’s 70-page annual review, released last week.

In the Feb. 19 report, Sheriff John D’Agostini called 2013 a “fiscally challenging” year, but said his department had still maintained its service to the 183,376 people in the county.

“We have increased our partnerships in the community and with allied agencies in order to better address community safety issues,” D’Agostini wrote. “This has been and will continue to be our practice well into the future. Although it may seem that the state and local fiscal situation has stabilized, we continue to practice fiscal responsibility and maintain a very conservative forecast for the future.”

The sheriff’s department spent about $8 million less than it was budgeted for in the 2012-13 fiscal year, but also brought in about $2 million less in revenue than was expected, according to the report. The net cost to the county to fund the department was $34.6 million (the county expected to spend $40 million, the report says). It has 369 employees, including 127 deputies, 85 correctional officers, 96 civilian employees (and three non-sworn managers), 11 security guards and more.

Courtesy El Dorado County Sheriff's Department

Courtesy El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department

As for the crime statistics included in the report, different types of crime moved in different directions: there were only two homicides in 2013 compared with five the previous year, but there were 26 rapes–compared with 14 the previous year. Fewer juveniles were arrested, there were less robberies and assaults, and fewer domestic violence calls.

As for concealed weapon permits, 863 people were issued new permits–an increase over the 728 the previous year and 514 in 2011. And 656 people renewed their permits to carry a concealed weapon, an increase over the 188 in 2012 and 330 in 2011.

Last year was the first time the sheriff’s department surveyed people who made calls for service; 125 of the 6,721 people who called the department in August were asked about the responding deputy’s competence, interpersonal skills and punctuality.

More than three-quarters of those 125 people surveyed said their overall impression of the department was “very positive,” and 84 percent said the deputies in question “fulfilled the mission of law enforcement at either an above average or outstanding level,” the report says.

“Equally notable was the fact that 83 percent of the respondents believed the deputies were either very interested or somewhat interested in their concerns and 91 percent of respondents felt that the deputies arrival was either average or timely,” the report says.

That survey can be downloaded as a PDF file here.

To read the full annual report, which includes more statistics on the number of volunteer hours worked by members of the STAR Program, the number of vehicles towed and more, click here.

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