El Dorado County’s Bo Ambrozewicz Entering California Governor’s Race

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An El Dorado County man plans to enter the California governor’s race this year, saying state legislators should work part-time and for 20 percent less pay, property taxes should be cut in half, the high-speed rail project should be halted and state agencies should be replaced by public-private partnerships.

Bogdan “Bo” Ambrozewicz, a 60-year-old Greenwood resident, told the Auburn Journal he’ll enter the race as an independent. Ambrozewicz, who immigrated from Poland with his parents in 1964, said he can win with a fundraising goal of less than $600,000.

“I’ll be getting out and talking to the people,” Ambrozewicz told the Auburn Journal. “Grassroots. That’s the way the country was founded.”

His campaign website outlines a series of drastic reforms he says will save the state billions of dollars, and should start with replacing the state’s legislators with nonpartisan politicians who “will work together as a team to find common ground to move California forward.”

Ambrozewicz says the legislature should be watched by a 12-person, grand-jury-like “public task force,” and candidates for public office shouldn’t be allowed to spend more than three times the salary of the position they’re seeking on campaigning (the governor makes around $174,000, so Ambrozewicz and others would have to limit their spending to around $522,000 if that were law).

He also says college tuition costs should be cut for citizens and raised for foreign students, teachers should get raises while administrators get pay cuts, and high school and college should each take three years to complete, not four.

He calls for a number of taxes to be cut, and says new businesses shouldn’t pay any fees in their first year.

Ambrozewicz also uses his campaign website to take a shot at Gov. Jerry Brown, comparing him to Vladimir Putin:

“He has been a politician most of his life and has no clue of what hard working Californians and businesses have endured during his 3 terms. At his State of the State speeches he talks down to us with his fairytale stories and toy props. This is an insult to our intelligence, he is like a dictator talking down to the slaves. His answer is to enslave us with more taxes.”

More information on Ambrozewicz is available at http://boambroz.com/.

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