Mercy Way Rescue Church to hold protest, speak at 4/8/14 Placerville City City Council Meeting in support of homeless

Mercy Way Rescue Church
1750 Broadway * Placerville, CA * 95667

Will Ask City for 90 Day Moratorium on Enforcement of Ordinances

In our continued response to the recent efforts by the City of Placerville to attempt to remove homeless citizens from city limits, Mercy Way Rescue Church is organizing a peaceful, passionate protest from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM on Tuesday April 8, 2014. The protest will be immediately before the Placerville City Council meeting located at Town Hall, 549 Main Street, Placerville, CA 95667.
Dr. Mary Maaga and Frank J. Gates, pastors from the church, will then speak during the council meeting under Agenda Item 7, public comments. Dr. Maaga will be asking for 90 day moratorium on the enforcement of the anti-camping ordinances to allow the homeless to develop alternatives.
After denying the temporary use permit extension of Hangtown Haven last winter, the city has passed 2 new ordinances about panhandling and camping which were effective February 13, 2014. Now that the winter shelters have closed, the city has been enforcing the ordinances, issuing tickets and confiscating the personal property of the homeless.

Most troubling is the continued comments from the Chief of Police, Scott Heller, that all of the homeless need to go to Sacramento or San Francisco or go to jail. On Friday March 28th, complaints were made that law enforcement was telling people who appeared homeless that they had to leave the city limits and that the city was in the process of paying for transportation for any homeless person that would leave town.

Mercy Way Rescue Church believes that followers of Jesus should be following His mandate to love, feed, shelter, and clothe the least of us and is not asking for anything from the city, state or federal government. We have many wonderful volunteers within the community that have provided meals for the last 5 years, helped start and work with the winter shelters for the last 4 years and have been providing worship, Bible study and recovery classes for the last 1 1/2 years. There have been lives transformed.
We are simply requesting that the homeless be recognized as the citizens that they are, and that the city work on a more humane, less criminal solution that meets everyone’s needs.

Please call Michael Parr @ 530-676-1468 or 530-333-5787 for more information.

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